§  Business and IT è as the 21st century unfolds, many companies are transforming themselves into global powerhouses via major investments in Global Business, E-commerce, and other IT initiatives. Business managers and professionals must know how to manage the vital organizational function

§  The business IT planning process è strategic development, resource management, strategic development
§  IT architecture è technology platform, data resources, application architectures, IT organizations
§  3 things recently happened è the internet boom inspired businesses to connect their works, companies have essential applications on their intranets, without which they can’t function è create an urgent need for centralization
§  Managing IS operations
o   IS operations managements è concerned with the use of hardware, software, network, and personnel resources in data centers
o   Operational activities that must be managed
Ø  Computer system operations
Ø  Network management
Ø  Production control
Ø  Production support
§  IT executives
o   Chief Information Officer (CIO) è overseas all uses of IT, aligns IT with strategic business goal
o   Chief Technology Officer (CTO) è in charge of all IT planning/deployment, manages the IT platform, 2nd in command
§  Other IT positions è e-commerce architect, system analyst, technical team leader, chief security officer